Winners’ spirit

Wednesday, June 12, 2019



Luis Castro gave his first interview as the manager of Shakhtar

- Luis, how long did the negotiations with the club last?
- A few days ago I received the first offer. I was really happy to get it. It was then that we began negotiating with Shakhtar. Everything passed absolutely fine, and we reached an agreement.

- What do you know about the club?
- We followed Shakhtar and we know that in recent years the team have won multiple titles. Paulo Fonseca did a great job here: three league titles, three Cups, a Super Cup, and advancing from the group in the Champions League. Shakhtar is a club that is used to winning and wants to continue doing so. I am very glad that I’ve got the opportunity to work here.

- What are the key goals of your team?
- To continue claiming victories and winning titles. This is our goal for the nearest competitive game - for the Super Cup against Dynamo. We will try to win the trophy and successfully perform throughout the season. The Miners have a mentality of winners, and we want to continue in the same vein. We want to win thanks to the players’ strengths and to delight our fans so that their number increases.

- What kind of football will your Shakhtar play?
- I want it to be high-quality, attacking, and with lots of scoring chances. We should play safely in defensive terms, but to have the scoring objective all the time. And we definitely need our fans to be happy. So that people watch our games in Europe and understand that Shakhtar are getting better and stronger each time, that they are ready to play in the international arena. This is not an easy task, but I know the players’ attributes and I understand that it’s always possible to get better. I am determined to continue the work that Paulo began, and I hope that everything will be really successful.

- What can you say about Dodo, who used to play in your Vitoria Guimaraes?
- He is a very young footballer who has progressed a lot. He joined Vitoria with certain defensive issues that we tried to correct during the season. He finished the league campaign very well: he made a few appearances, leaving me some good impressions of his progress. And I want to mention not only Dodo but also the other players. We have a lot of quality footballers playing in their national teams, who have proved themselves not only in Ukraine, but also in the Champions League. We are approaching the season with the desire to have a great league campaign and achieve a lot in Europe.

- What would you say to the fans of Shakhtar?
- We work and play every day to ensure that our fans are happy. I can promise them that we will work hard and fully devote ourselves to our job, we will be ambitious and maintain the winners’ spirit, which will lead us to successful results. Good performance is a foundation. The players are also set to perform as best as possible because our expectations are very high. The management of Shakhtar provides the most comfortable conditions for everyone working in the club. And our duty is to give our best to the fans. We will do this in every training and game in order to get more competent and conquer new heights.