I dedicate the goals to my family

Monday, May 27, 2019



The main hero of the match vs Mariupol Dentinho talks about his hat trick

- I am happy to have scored three goals! I dedicate them to my family who are always with me, even at the most difficult times. The period when I got injured and experienced problems with my knee was very difficult for me. However, my family gave me strength and support. So this hat trick is for my wife, for Bruno Lucas, Rafaella, and Sofia, for the parents, brothers, and friends. And, of course, for the fans of Shakhtar and my teammates. These goals will be enough for everyone!
- Have you had any more hat tricks in your professional career?
- Yes, this is the second one. The first one happened at the Corinthians. I had much confidence, and I want to congratulate Shakhtar on the fact that even after winning both titles, we still very seriously approached the match which doesn’t decide anything. We claimed a great victory.
- You took the ball away ...
- Yes, that’s my trophy. I asked all the teammates to sign it, and I will keep it in a specially designated place at home - next to the commemorative shirt marking the 1,200th goal in the league. Shakhtar are the champions!