We play to win

Tuesday, September 17, 2019



Shakhtar goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov answered reporters' questions on the eve of the Champions League game vs Man City

- What result will be fine for you tomorrow, what outcome do you predict and what outcome do you psych yourself up for?
- I am not a forecaster, but I know that Shakhtar always play to win. Therefore, of course, we will try to achieve the maximum result. But we understand who we play. Tomorrow, we will see everything: who psyched up in what way and what result we deserve.
- You actually made 11 appearances, not just 9, for Shakhtar against Pep Guardiola. Which one do you remember best?
- It’s very pleasant that I made so many appearances. But the most memorable is always the victorious one. We also had some major defeats that we would like to avoid. But there were some referee errors in each of them. I hope that tomorrow everything will be just and right, and may the stronger side win.
- These days, a joke about Manchester City reps buying up real estate in Kharkiv is very popular. Which area of Manchester do you like the most and where do you stay there?
- Right, given that we also played against Manchester United, we went there quite often. I wouldn’t say that the city is very beautiful - our place is better. I want them to come to visit us more often! If they like it here, I can give them phone numbers of a couple of real estate agents.