UAH 300 m to fight coronavirus – Akhmetov

Thursday, March 19, 2020



Shakhtar president has allocated UAH 300 million for tackling coronavirus

He brought together all the resources - those of the Charitable Foundation, the businesses of DTEK, Metinvest, FC Shakhtar, and all other SCM assets - to help Ukraine.
“The coronavirus is a disaster that the modern world has faced on this scale probably for the first time. I am absolutely sure that in this situation everyone should think about the specific help they can provide to Ukraine and the Ukrainians,” Rinat Akhmetov said.
By personal decision of the founder, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation will purchase another 300 thousand coronavirus rapid testing kits for the entire country. In the shortest time possible, they will be handed to the Stabilization Fund initiated by the President of Ukraine. Besides, they will purchase at least 200 mechanical ventilators and other equipment needed to save people’s lives.
“We will not stand aloof from it further - we helped, we help, and we will help on. In collaboration with the Ministry of Healthcare, we will do our best to prevent the cities and towns of our presence and the whole country from the coronavirus outbreak. Only by combining our efforts in the face of danger, we can make Ukraine cope with all the challenges it faces,” Rinat Akhmetov stressed.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation is always the first to help Ukraine. When the whole world and our country were faced with the threat of the spread of coronavirus, by the personal decision of the founder, the Foundation was the first in the country to react to the danger of the outbreak.

Earlier, in line with the personal decision of Rinat Akhmetov, they purchased and gave to the Ministry of Healthcare equipment for the effective treatment of coronavirus complications: the high-quality Sweden-made SERVO-I UNIVERSAL і SERVO AIR mechanical ventilators and other equipment.

The Foundation has also purchased personal protective gear for Ukrainian doctors: a unique EgoZlin biobag EBV for transporting the infected patients, the EOBO-20 EgoZlin-equipped biological and chemical protection suit, disposable chemical protection overalls, infrared thermometers with laser pointers, protective masks, glasses.

Also, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation acquires coronavirus rapid test analyzers complete with test cartridges, along with 20,000 rapid testing kits.

22 more mechanical ventilators were installed in the neonatal ambulances provided by the Foundation to every region in the country as part of the 200 Ambulances for Ukraine project.