I won't show all my cards

Tuesday, November 24, 2020



Shakhtar manager speaks about the upcoming match vs Borussia in Monchengladbach, analyzing the mistakes and squad for the game

- Does the first-leg defeat vs Gladbach still hurt? What conclusions have you drawn?

- Everything is happening extremely quickly these days. First of all, we need to learn from both the good and the bad. Very often we do well because the opponents allow us to, and we do badly if they force us to act in a poor way. The 0-6 home defeat against Borussia, of course, does hurt and doesn't heal that fast. You asked me: does it hurt? Yes, that’s painful. Will this affect my mood before tomorrow's match? No, it won't. We analyzed it, understood what had happened to us, and will go to the game with complete confidence, as always. We know that we are going through very difficult times. But we must be maximally psyched up for it and understand what we want from each match. We are approaching tomorrow's clash with this attitude, ambition and understanding.


- What tactical conclusions did you make? Whats the main reason behind that defeat?

- If I mention all the problems that we experienced, I will show all my cards for tomorrow's match. I will be really straightforward in my analysis: we didn’t press and we didn’t try to reach Borussia’s goal. We need to step up those two components.


- Alassane Plea who scored three goals against you in Kyiv, is highly unlikely to play tomorrow. How happy are you about this?

- The players of other teams who won’t appear do not make us happy or upset. We focus on ourselves. What I know is that nine players can’t help us at the moment. And when this happens, I don’t look at the opponents, but focus solely on my team.


- How will the unsuccessful performance against Oleksandriia affect tomorrow's match? And if they tell you before the encounter that it will end in a draw, will you agree to this kind of outcome?

- As I said at the beginning of our conversation, our past - neither good nor bad - doesnt influence us in any way. This is just a lesson to learn. We know that we are having an unstable season, that we have players appearing and disappearing. There are players who come back just before the match, there are those who have been injured for a long time, who have been absent for a long while ... This inconsistency is now manifesting itself and causes a certain discomfort. Cofirming the outcome even before the game ends? It all depends on how the game develops. If it reveals that we can clearly win, of course, the draw will not please me, if it develops in such a way that the draw is fairer, I will accept that. I know that the group is really tough and, most likely, to reach the Round of 16 well need to beat Inter or Real Madrid. The points are added up - they are all important. Perhaps in an encounter with the opponents like tomorrow’s ones, a draw is not a bad result, but we will be doing the job just to win - that’s the most important thing for us.


- Have you decided on the one to have the left-back role that was problematic? If it's not a secret, who will it be?

- Right, this is really that kind of position. Our full-backs Ismaily and Korniienko are injured. The decision on the player has been made. Its connected with minor changes in our squad, in the players’ positioning. Tomorrow I will tell this to my players and to you.


- Is it Tete?

- I don’t think so. Tete played there in a force majeure situation when we tried to bring our entire team to Oleksandriia’s goal. From the 30th minute we were left with ten men, it was a very difficult match. We wanted to win and risked everything we could at that moment. Tomorrow, we can't take that risk from the off. But we may do so in the course of the game if we need to.