We withstood it

Wednesday, October 21, 2020



Viktor Korniienko spoke about Shakhtar's UCL MD1 victory over Real Madrid in his interview to Futbol TV channel

- We took to the pitch and showed our game in the first half, scoring three wonderful goals.

- Did the yellow card result from the pre-match jitters?
- I really psyched myself up for it, after all it’s my debut - I was excited. I wanted to play well. I got nervous so to say.

- Shakhtar had some very young defenders, did Real Madrid underestimate you?
- Yes, it seems to me that the opponents appeared for the first half with some underestimation which the others could see. But we still showed our football, our game pattern.

- How did the team survive two conceded goals in a row?
- We had to focus, we got the jitters. But we withstood it, we survived. I want to congratulate everyone on the victory!