I'm unhappy with the result, but ...

Saturday, October 24, 2020



Shakhtar manager Luis Castro spoke about the match vs Vorskla, motivation, unchanged squad and recovery by the match vs Inter

- Luis, you’ve fielded the same squad: is it due to your respect to the players who beat Real Madrid a few days ago?

- We didn’t have any rotation because the team showed that they’ve fully recovered after the last match. They proved that on the pitch. For 70 to 75 minutes we were fully in control of the game, we always managed to rip open zones, there was enough variability both on the flanks and in the middle. We started well basically, dominated it, but, unfortunately, conceded a goal. And in the last 15 minutes, a kind of chaos was present: the team got somewhat disorganized. Up to that point, we’ve been really strong. The guys showed that they were fresh: we felt it both before and during the game. Moreover, all the players we had for the rotation have trained only two or three times after having the coronavirus, or there have been some U21 guys. So several factors contributed to the fact that the same lineup appeared.


- Are you satisfied with your team's performance today?

- I'm unhappy with the result. I think no one likes to be tied instead of winning. But there’s nothing I can blame my footballers for. The way we opened up the zones, pressed the opponents, pressed high up field, quickly moved to the flanks ... Its clear that perhaps if we hadn’t played three days ago, we wouldve been even better, but after such strong emotions we experienced in the last match, forgetting all this and starting the league campaign anew is always a very difficult mission. I can’t say anything negative to the players.


- Its obvious that your players were unable to switch to the Ukrainian Premier League after their triumph over Real Madrid. Maybe you should have made a few substitutions? Do you see your mistake in the unsuccessful outcome?

- There was no lack of motivation at all. Shakhtar dominated the entire match. The mobility of the team was excellent. Marcos Antonio and Marlos played great, with the defensive midfielder acting as a playmaker, Tete and Solomon were very productive, Dentinho burst into gaps in the opposing defence, the fullbacks were great as well as the central ones. I felt the team was stable. We made a mistake and conceded a goal at the end of the game, we might have switched off for a while, but again, we dominated the match. Of course, we wanted to win to advance to the top spot, but Vorskla also have quality. Sometimes we look only at ourselves and forget to look at others, credit for this also goes to the opponents who really mounted resistance against us. In my opinion, we deserved to win based on the play. Perhaps the team can be criticized for the result, but not for the play. There are several ways to assess the match: to look at the result only or at the play itself and the players’ performance. In terms of performance, we were better, and the result is tying with Vorskla.


- Marlos played for 90 minutes in Madrid. Today we could see how much tired he was, but he played for another 90 minutes. Will he have enough time to recover by the game against Inter?

- Let's see, we will work over that. Experiencing the current situation, in no case should we delete from history the things that happened. We live in the society where everyone very quickly forgets what happened. I don’t do that. Because of COVID-19, we have some footballers who have returned a day, two, three days ago. We have the team who played in Madrid. Of course, due to all the factors that happened, there were some difficulties, nevertheless, we turned in a great display. And we’ve got only two days remaining until the game against Inter. We have Sunday and Monday to make the players recover. And after Inter, we’ll have another meeting - against Mariupol. This is our life - the life of teams participating in top-level competitions. We know what to do in order to recover. Can we make sure Marlos recovers? I hope we can.