Shakhtar's goals come first

Wednesday, September 16, 2020



Shakhtar forward Junior Moraes, recognized by the fans as last season’s top player, has given an exclusive interview to Shakhtar News

- Junior, the fans recognized you as last season’s top player. What does this mean to you?

- That’s a very great honour! Shakhtar is a club that’s full of highly-skilled players. Many guys play for national teams since it’s an honour to be a part of the club history and the best footballer. This is the fruit of hard work and assistance of all my teammates.


- You have been the league’s top scorer for two consecutive seasons. How do you do that?

- I think the secret behind everything and the key to success is my motivation. Every day I try to get better than yesterday. Shakhtar does the same thing by improving every year. We all evolve.


- What do you make of the past season taking into account the team's achievements?

- Just a great season with excellent results. Reaching the Europa League semis is very good for the club. We understand that we could’ve made it further and be in the final ... But the most important thing for young guys is to feel the taste of victories. Its important to understand that Shakhtar is a great club in Europe. And we’ve got some huge ambitions.


- Which match of the season left the most vivid memories?

- The one against Zorya in Kharkiv. Back then, we changed the score and achieved the maximum result in the dying minutes. That match really showed our character and desire to win. But all the games were important actually because they led us to the title.


- And in the Champions League and Europa League?

- The victory over Atalanta in Italy.


- What objectives do you set for yourself this new season?

- First of all, I want be effective and help the team. One must always achieve the highest goals and win the championship. And we will try our best to have a great Champions League campaign.


- How many goals do you plan to score?

- It's a secret, let me keep it under my hat. I don't like it when personal goals are on display. All players think about the group, about the team. I will always put Shakhtar's goals first.


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