It’s normal practice when clubs agree it

Thursday, April 8, 2021



In an interview to Shakhtar TV, the UPL Executive Director Yevhen Dykyi revealed details of the change of the MD21 Mariupol vs Shakhtar game venue for NSC Olimpiyskiy in Kyiv

- Mr Dykyi, who initiated the change of venue for that in the capital of Ukraine?
- The Premier League received a letter from Mariupol football club requesting to hold the game in Kyiv. As you know, the Azov club recently carried out the football pitch reconstruction, but due to adverse weather and severe winter accompanied by low temperatures, the renewal of grass in the local arena did not begin at the time planned and expected by the club. Due to this fact, the Azov team also had to move a number of other spring games to other cities earlier. On March 20, Mariupol hosted Minaj at the home ground, after which they had to restore the football pitch turf again, with the club having to look for alternative stadiums. As you know, last Saturday the match against Inhulets took place in Kharkiv, which was followed by the request to move another match - this time, the one against the Miners. The league received consent from the Shakhtar football club and the NSC Olimpiyskiy, with a corresponding decision being taken to change the match venue for one in the capital of Ukraine. It’s a normal practice when clubs agree it on their own and the visiting club can provide their home arena. By the way, in the next round we have the same situation with the Olimpik game. Earlier, their home stadium Dynamo was banned from hosting games, so the Donetsk team addressed Kolos and already received the latter’s agreement to play it in Kovalivka.
- NSC Olimpiyskiy is also the home ground for Dynamo - were there any difficulties in this regard?

- In this case, as they say, the stars have aligned. In the 21st round, Dynamo are the nominal hosts of the field in the match against Dnipro-1. But since the first-stage leg between these teams, at the request of the Kyiv side, took place on their pitch, now the encounter with Dnipro-1 will take place on the road. Therefore, NSC Olimpiyskiy was not hosting any games this weekend, so they met halfway and agreed to host the Mariupol vs Shakhtar match. At the same time, the Azov club carries out all the necessary work at their ground in order to be able to receive their opponents in the hometown yet this season.

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