Main thing is to win every match

Saturday, August 7, 2021



Before the match vs Oleksandriia, Shakhtar defender Dodo spoke on Shakhtar News about the team's functional state and mood

- Did you have enough time to recover after the game vs Genk?

- With the arrival of Mister to the team, from the very beginning of the training camp we paid a lot of attention to physical training. I think the team is ready. I spoke with some other guys who had played against Genk, and I would say that everyone has already recovered and are feeling well. I believe the training camps had a great effect on our fitness, we are ready functionally.


- How difficult is it to play two matches a week from the beginning of the season?

- Of course, it's not easy. We understand this perfectly well, but we’ve got to participate in the play-offs based on our performance last season. The main thing now is to win every match because this year we want to get much better.


- In an interview, Roberto De Zerbi said that he wants to see Shakhtar with 9 points after Saturday's match. What are your expectations?

- Good ones. Personally, I’ve already met with Oleksandriia and scored against them, I like playing this team. I think we’ll be prepared as we undoubtedly need to get 9 points - this is our goal. For us, every game is like a final: either against Genk in the Champions League or against Oleksandriia in the UPL, we must play at the same level.


- This season, Shakhtar have won all three matches, but each of them was not easy. What percentage of the maximum has the team been delivering?

- We’ve been under the new coach for just two months, but we already managed to learn a lot. I think we need some more time to reach a higher level. I suppose that in the first three games the team played decently, so we’ll improve it each time.