I know how great Shakhtar is

Sunday, June 13, 2021



Shakhtar newcomer Pedrinho gave his first interview for Shakhtar TV, in which he shared his first impressions after signing the contract

- The first impressions are the best! I’d like to thank the club for this opportunity. I know how great Shakhtar is. I am sure we will have some good teamwork.

- Have you watched Shakhtar's games before?
- Of course, I watched a few matches as there are many Brazilians playing here. Of course, we watch and cheer for our friends. Again, I know how great this club is.

- Maybe you know some of Shakhtar players?
- I know Maycon, Dentinho, Dodo - those are the guys with whom we played together at the club and in the national team. I know Vitao, Marquinhos Cipriano, Fernando and others. We saw each other or heard something about one another, but we know everyone.

- Did you ask any of the players for advice before moving to Shakhtar?
- Yes, I did. Before the move, I spoke to Maycon, Dodo and Dentinho. They spoke very positively about the club. The guys told me not to worry, and they assured that everyone here would support me - for me to do my best. The guys were constantly wondering what decision I had made, and they said only good things about Shakhtar. I’m delighted to be here with you today.
- Do you know any of the former Shakhtar players who currently play for European clubs?
- I know them just by name, but I’ve never had any contacts with them. I heard about Jadson, he also played for Corinthians, leaving a mark in its history. But Shakhtar has brought up many great players who have been currently playing in the top leagues. I will also try to make a beautiful and successful career here.
- What strengths of yours could you mention?
- I can read and see the game very well, I have a great passing ability. I’m also strong in one-on-ones, at attack completion, I often produce some good long-rangers as well.
- Aren't you afraid of the tight competition in the team?
- No. We should understand perfectly well that all players are strong at this kind of club. On my part, I should just work, try hard and give my all. Regardless of the competition, you need to be able to survive in a club like Shakhtar. I think everyone should contribute.
- What goals and objectives do you set for yourself right now?
- I try to think from game to game, from season to season. I came here to help the club become a winner and champion. No matter where I am, I try to always adhere to this principle. Together with the team, we’ll try to claim the maximum number of victories and win as many trophies as possible.
- Have you already decided on the number to take? Maybe you’ve got a favourite one?
- I don’t know yet. That isn’t important. The way you play is important, not the number on your back. We should benefit the team.

- Which of the players having the same role is your role model?
- I am left-handed, so I like Messi and Neymar, the role models for every player. These are the guys I admire.

- Would you like to say a few words to the fans?
- I want to thank Shakhtar fans for believing in me. I’m sure I can help the team achieve great success. Not only me, but also my teammates will try to win every competition and bring Shakhtar back to the top spot, to become champions. The greatness of the club allows us to fight for every title! Shakhtar are the champions!