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Traore has a really serious injury

Wednesday, October 6, 2021



In an interview with Shakhtar News, the Shakhtar first team medical department head Artur Hlushchenko spoke about Traore's injury and the recovery of Moraes, Vitao, Ismaily and Fernando

- Mr Hlushchenko, what’s the nature of Traore’s injury and what kind of recovery awaits him?

- Traore has a serious injury - the knee joint structures are damaged. In two weeks, he will be operated on, we are preparing him for it: it takes time for the swelling to decrease to ensure sufficient knee joint flexion. The injury is really serious. Traore's recovery may take anywhere between nine months and a year.


- How is the recovery of Fernando, Vitao and others going?

- Ismaily and Fernando have nearly recovered, we plan that in three or four days they will start training in the general group. Vitao’s recovery will take another seven to ten days.


- When can Junior Moraes start training?

- Moraes is still undergoing rehabilitation, only five months have passed. I think his recovery will take at least two more months. By late November or early December, he will be able to train if there are no side effects.