Shakhtar is my home club

Saturday, August 6, 2022



Newcomer of the Miners Oleksandr Zubkov gave the first interview after returning to the club

– Welcome back to Shakhtar, Oleksandr! What emotions are you feeling now?
– Very good emotions. It is important for me. I missed my team, my mother tongue. Communication with your team partners in your mother tongue helps you psychologically.

– How did you find out about the interest from Shakhtar and how much time was spent to negotiate?
– We started to communicate about a month ago when I still was at the training camp of national team. This decision was very easy for me because Shakhtar is my home club, this is an opportunity to play in Champions League, this is my own team, this is everything that is close to me. And I really want to help the team during a difficult time.

– Did you know Igor Jovicevic or was it your first meeting?
– We met for the first time. But I communicated with players of Shakhtar and other clubs, who worked with him, everybody says only positive things. I think we will know each other better on the football field. I need to understand what he wants from me, what role he assigns to me. We will work.

– You know almost everybody in the team very well. With whom did you communicate the most during negotiation process?
– I talked a lot to Mykola Matviienko, also I made a few calls to Taras Stepanenko. I spoke with Darijo Srna almost every day as well, maybe even more than I did with my wife. We have been in touch all the time, and, finally, it happened.

– You are alumni of FC Shakhtar. How important it is for you to be in Ukrainian team and represent it on the international arena at such a difficult time for Ukraine?
– You know, I was born in Makiivka, Donetsk Oblast, and I always had a goal, a dream to play for FC Shakhtar Donetsk. Everyone understands that now Ukrainians will be able to play more. I think everything is going to be okay and we will represent our country.

– Under what number will you play?
– I will talk to the guys, manager. I will take a free one. I would like to play under number 11 very much. I will write to Marlos, if he gives permission I would like to take number 11.

– What goals and tasks do you have for this season with Shakhtar in general?
– I think that the championship will be quite interesting now. All teams have if not the same, but hardly very different level, as it was before, so every game will be a battle for result. Everyone knows ambitions of the club president, everyone knows ambitions FC Shakhtar, so we will fight for the first place.

– You are an experienced footballer, who played in Europe, participated in the Eurocups. Do you feel an additional responsibility, because Shakhtar squad is very young?
– Now we have a composition of youth and experience. We need to immerse ourselves into the process a little bit, to understand the coach’s requirements. I think the team will achieve the top level before the championship start.

– What can you say to all the team fans?
– Root for Shakhtar!