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Shakhtar Social and SkyUp conducted a lesson for children in Bucha

Monday, December 26, 2022



The high school students learned about professions of a pilot and a footballer, as well as received the New Year gifts

Representatives of Shakhtar Social Foundation and the club’s partner SkyUp visited the high school in Bucha (Kyiv Oblast). The displaced children who were under occupation after February 24 mostly study here. The event took place in the shelter of the high school base due to air raid alert.

Male and female pilots, as well as the flight attendants of SkyUp, told children about their professions, arrangement of the aircrafts and peculiarities of their job. Children asked Shakhtar employees about the way the first team players train and what it takes to become a professional footballer, and wished the Miners success in the Europa League next year.

Also Come On, Let's Play! coach carried out an entertaining training session for the kids including reaction exercises, relay races with dribbling and shooting on target.

At the end of the meeting, children received New Year gifts: sweets, branded SkyUp model planes (copy of the board Shakhtar footballers fly on), club wristbands of the Miners and football balls for the school.