The world must know the truth

Friday, March 25, 2022



Football player of Shakhtar and Ukraine Mykhailo Mudryk reflects on his attitude to war, informational and humanitarian activities, and the faith in victory

- Mykhailo, Ukraine has been resisting Russia’s military aggression for exactly a month. What do you think about everything that is happening right now?
- I think this is a massive crime against the Ukrainian people. And there is no price high enough to pay for it. Even the death of the one who started this will be no atonement for it. Personally, I try to keep calm, to preserve common sense. I'm trying to figure out how to live on and what to do in general.
- Many footballers are actively involved in the information campaign now to tell the truth about the war. How else can athletes help the country and the Ukrainian people in this fight?
- Right, I actively express my position as well. I want the entire audience I have on social media to listen so that people know the truth, perceive actual information instead of twisted propaganda. All the footballers I know are involved in humanitarian activities, helping people in every way they can. I think that the main thing that Ukrainian athletes can help with is to glorify their country in the world and draw the attention of millions of people to the topic of the war in Ukraine through their victories. Just like Yaroslava Mahuchykh and Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk have done. They participate in competitions, tell people about the things happening in our country and make the whole world talk about Ukraine even more.

- What could you say to all Ukrainians at this difficult time?
- It’s really hard to say something now... Huge grief touched upon many Ukrainian families and all our people. Many cities have been literally obliterated. But I want to wish all of us in the most difficult situation not to lose faith and hope for the best. We must have confidence in ourselves and believe in God who always helps those in need. And, of course, we must believe in our army which will definitely protect us. Glory to Ukraine!