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We’ve become better people thanks to Ukraine

Monday, May 2, 2022



Shakhtar head coach spoke about his further career and the club’s future, support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people

After the match between Hajduk and Shakhtar which was the final one in the Shakhtar Global Tour for Peace, the Miners’ coach Roberto De Zerbi answered questions from the press.


- Roberto, the final match of Shakhtar charity tour was followed by your very touching farewell to the players. What do you feel now?

- It’s an emotional day, a very sad one. Because it may be my last day as a Shakhtar coach. I had a word with everyone – the players and the club management. If there’s a championship, then I would like to stay here, but if the opposite happens and there is no league campaign, then I would like to start a normal life and work on. At the moment we’ve got one big issue – that’s time. Because the league campaigns are ending now and the new season is about to kick off. It's time that makes me feel most worried about staying.


- Does the fact that Shakhtar under your leadership have been recognised as the league winners give you any positive emotions?

- At the moment, I’m absolutely not thinking about football, about sports. My decision to stay here if there is a championship does not depend on whether we get the opportunity to play in European competitions or whether we’ve got a strong team to win right away. It’s very important for me that we all complete this period together, because if I leave the club now, I won’t be able to round off our joint journey.


- What do you think about Shakhtar's future?

- Shakhtar are very lucky to have Mr Akhmetov as their president. As long as he has a passion for football and for the team, as long as he continues to be the president of Shakhtar, he will do a lot more for the club, and only war can stop him.


- They received you well in Ukraine, you spoke about it yourself. And this time you’ve supported our country as well. What would you like to say to all Ukrainians?

- At this difficult moment, I am with Ukraine and with all Ukrainians. Because I like to be with good people who have dignity, courage, and pride. The people of Ukraine have taught me many things. My coaching staff and I are leaving now, but I think we have become better people thanks to Ukraine.