Shakhtar 3-1 Veres

Saturday, November 19, 2022



Shakhtar women’s team defeat Veres Rivne

There were unexpected changes in Shakhtar’s starting eleven again: Mostova played between the sticks, Mokhnach was in the inside position and Holovach acted in the left attacking position for the first time in the season.

Won fight

The first half passed in scrimmage and challenges. In such scenario, Shakhtar created more chances near the rival goal, mainly attacking on the left flank. Mokhnach had the first chance after Vykaliuk’s pass from the deep – the ball hit the goalpost. Then Veherych failed to use an excellent opportunity trying to deal with Vykaliuk’s pass from the flank. The visitors had a real chance after a corner-kick when Kornatska was finishing another attacking move (Mostova blocked the shot). After that, Shakhtar players started active mid-range shooting. If the shots by Holovach and Molodiuk missed the target, Mohnach’s long-ranger turned out to be effective – 1-0. Roman Zaiev’s side were close to the second gaol at the end of the half, but Snihur saved Veres at the last stand.

Victory at the end

Both teams demonstrated an even game after the break, however the Red-and-Blacks managed to convert one of their attacks in the middle of the half: Tril performed a powerful free-kick and Kornatska was the first who finished. After a tie score, Roman Zaiev fielded playmaker Natalia Chendei and Nadiia Veherych went down to the central zone. It was Veherych who orchestrated an attack, having defeated her opponents in the field centre, and released Holovach one-on-one with the goalkeeper; the captain confidently beat Snihur by shooting accurately into the far post. And few minutes after, Molodiuk put a period in the match with a fantastic long-ranger, having scored the sixth goal in the season. Shakhtar created some more chances before the final whistle, but neither Chendei’s nor Hennyk’s participation in the set pieces helped to score.

Shakhtar defeat Veres and secure the third spot. Roman Zaiev’s side will play against Dynamo in Ukrainian Clasico in the next round.

Shakhtar Donetsk 3-1 (1-0) Veres Rivne

1-0 Mokhnach (32′), 1-1 Kornatska (62′), 2-1 Holovach (78′), 3-1 Molodiuk (80′)

Shakhtar: Mostova, Kozub, Hennyk, Krevska, Kravchuk, Zaborovets (Chendei, 73′), Mokhnach, Molodiuk, Holovach (c), Vykaliuk, Veherych