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Andrii Piatov met with children in liberated Katiuzhanka

Friday, April 28, 2023



Shakhtar goalkeeper talked to lyceum students and brought football equipment for the school

On April 27, Shakhtar captain and legend Andrii Piatov visited the Katiuzhanka Lyceum (Kyiv Oblast) by invitation of local community.

For a long time, Katiuzhanka was occupied by Russian troops and looted. Local school was in dire need of sports equipment after liberation. The Katiuzhanka Lyceum turned to Shakhtar Social for help in purchasing football equipment.

Andrii Piatov gave the school balls and sports equipment (cones, bibs, hurdles, etc.) and presented children with scarves of the Miners and branded stickers. Shakhtar captain traditionally took pictures with kids and signed autographs.
Such meetings are extremely important for all of us in these hard times

Andrii Piatov, Shakhtar captain:

– I always have positive emotions from such meetings because you know how much I love children. And I am very glad to see happy, smiling boys and girls today, this is why we need such events. Such meetings are extremely important for all of us in these hard times. Especially considering the history of this village that was occupied and then liberated by our defenders. Understanding what these children went through, I just want to hug them all. I would like to say to the cities that are currently under occupation: we are one nation, we are stronger together, so we do not forget them and are ready to embrace them too when we get them back.

Maksym Harnaha, representative of parent activist group of the lyceum:

– It all started with the idea of school Deputy Principal Liudmyla Osadchaia regarding the collection of sports equipment because the village was occupied by Russian troops for many months and all property was taken away. We are grateful for organization of this meeting: our school received football balls and children interacted with Andrii Piatov whom they really wanted to see. Our school has never had world football stars, so children are pleasantly surprised and will remember it forever. Now we will develop football in our community.

Children were also delighted to meet Shakhtar player. According to pupils, they will have even more motivation to play sports now.

Mark Pechko, 11-A form pupil of the Katiuzhanka Lyceum:

– The first impression was the following: wow, this is my hero from Shakhtar! I was a goalkeeper too and Andrii Piatov is my favourite football player. It was my dream to see him. So, emotions are incredible. The meeting went well. Everyone got autographs, Shakhtar scarves, balls. It's really cool that children’s heroes come to us! It cheers everyone up, everyone forgets about the terrible times of occupation. Everyone at the lyceum is very satisfied and happy! I would like to thank for providing us with the equipment which we lacked very much. Shakhtar rule!

In total, more than 40 children and representatives of the lyceum management were present at the meeting.

Mykola Mykytchyk, Principal of the Katiuzhanka Lyceum:

– It is very nice that our Ukrainian football giant Shakhtar and team captain Andrii Piatov responded to the invitation and came to meet with the children, brought the school gifts for playing sports. Our school family with more than 500 students and the sports community of Katiuzhanka in general are very happy about such an event. Our young footballers were especially looking forward to this meeting and Andrii Piatov shared his experience and gave some pieces of advice to them. And training equipment, especially football balls, were very necessary for development of sports in our lyceum in peaceful time. Ukraine is a football country!

Saying goodbye, Andrii Piatov thanked the children for meeting and wished them success in sports, particularly in football.