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It is important to win

Friday, December 8, 2023



Press conference of head coach of Shakhtar Marino Pusic after the match against Veres (2-0)

– Mister, congratulations on the victory! Please comment on the referee's actions and the episode with Sikan's disallowed goal in general.
– I think the referee was right, I have no particular complaints. I thought it was a goal, unfortunately it was not allowed. We probably stepped beyond 16 meters too early or something like that. I could not see this situation clearly, but in the end we have to respect the decision of the referee. I think all four of them did a good job today.

– Your competitors in the UPL played a draw, Shakhtar confidently gain points and move up. You will play the next match in the Champions League against Porto, how will you prepare the team?
– Like I said to my team, in this part of the season it is very important to win, and we did it in the last two matches in a row. We started the second part of the season very well, now we need to keep gaining points. Certain aspects of the game were pretty good, some were okay, maybe we need to improve some things. In general, I am very satisfied with this win. We knew that our opponents would play against each other, so it is all about this part of the season, when opponents face each other and you have to win your own match. And then you rise in the table, which was very significant for us today. This is an important victory.

– Before this match, you said that you need to have positive emotions before the game against Porto. Have you received such emotions?
– Yes, of course. Victory gives positive emotions, and I think we deserved to win because we could have scored even more goals. It is important to approach the next game with victory – it gives you new energy, good energy. We are ready for the next match.

– Today, such key players as Taras Stepanenko and Yukhym Konoplia could not play. Will they be able to help the team in the match against Porto?
– Stepanenko will come back because he was suspended, so he will be fit for the game against Porto. Konoplia just recovered, he did not train with the team. He is going with us, but it is a big question whether he will be able to play in the main squad. And Stepanenko will be there. Konoplia probably needs more time, but in the next few days we will see how his shape improves and if we can use him in this game.