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The score absolutely matches the game

Friday, December 8, 2023



Shakhtar goalkeeper Dmytro Riznyk shared his impressions after the victory over Veres (2-0)

– Dmytro, what can you say about the game and the result?
– It was a tough game. We carefully prepared for such opponents, we analysed them well. The first half of the match was generally in our favour, and in the second half, the game faltered a little after a missed penalty, but Sania fixed everything.

– What did the coach say to you at half-time?
– Nothing special, just some tips and instructions on how to transition better.

– You have shown a confident play in recent matches. How do you assess your condition and your own actions in this match?
– Well, I did not have much to do in this game thanks to our outfield players. But in general, I got in shape, it is a pity that it is already the end of the season, because there will be a vacation soon.

– Do you feel that you can do more?
– Yes, I feel that I can play better, and for this I should work even harder. So, I will work.

– Please comment on the moment with the penalty.
– To be honest, I was far away and did not see the episode, you have to watch it. There are people who do this, it is their responsibility.

– What about the goals by Dmytro Kryskiv and Oleksandr Zubkov?
– I think that the goals were good, especially a goal by Sania Zubkov. In my opinion, the score absolutely matches the game.

– Veres are at the bottom of the table, but did these opponents impress Shakhtar today?
– They are a very determined team, and it has always been like that – they showed character. In general, this is a very good team.

– What emotions do Shakhtar have ending the first part of the championship and what are the expectations for the second half of the season?
– Now we finished on a positive note, we are moving forward with a good mood, because we still have a very important game ahead. But in the championship, the whole struggle will happen at the second stage.

– Speaking of the significance of the game against Porto, what will be the most difficult part of this showdown?
– The match itself will be difficult, because they have not yet secured a berth in the play-offs for themselves and neither have we. So, I think it will be a very intense game.

– Would you like to continue your journey in the Champions League or the Europa League?
– I think that if we have such chance and lose nothing, because we secured the European spring, I want to play more in the Champions League.

– What will be most important in tactics for this match?
– Composure and confidence in our actions, in my opinion.