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We scored after using speed

Saturday, December 9, 2023



Head coach of Shakhtar U19 Oleksii Bielik commented on the victory in the match against Veres U19

– It is difficult to comment on it, because I do not know how to feel about this victory. On the one hand, we won, but on the other hand, the team were relaxed from the beginning, I did not recognise my players. Even if the score is 3-0, we have to at least make it clear to the opponents that they have no chance to fight back, and attack, but we stopped. Veres U19 started to press, being in a position where there is nothing to lose. Everyone started to make mistakes, moreover the mistakes were unusual. It is not easy to get out of pressing, but I understand that it is one thing when the score is 0-0 and there is a risk of making a mistake and conceding a goal, but with 3-0 score, the team should be focused and play more reliably. Some players were relaxed, while others began to invent something in the moments when they could act more simply. Veres U19 moved better before the goal, we scored our goals after using speed. With 3-0 score, we began to think that the opponents had given up for some reason. Shakhtar U19 should always be on the ball, but it turned out that Veres U19 started to press, and we started to make mistakes.

– The match against Metalist 1925 U19 was cancelled. How did it affect the team?
– This is one of the aspects that affects the physical condition of the players. When you have a game on the 28th, the 3rd, and then the 8th, as a coach I have a separate training plan, the team adhere to it. When the match is cancelled, there is a long pause. I understand that at the beginning of the season you can give the players two or three days off and then increase the workload during training session and regain the tone, another thing is the end of the season, when there is not enough emotions, and if you let the player rest, they will be relaxed. It is important to understand that one squad does not have to play all matches. If you analyse it, we constantly apply squad rotation. I planned to change the starting line-up after the match against Antwerp U19, because the boys deserve a place in the starting eleven through their efforts, this would have happened in the match against Metalist 1925 U19. Those who played against Antwerp U19 were supposed to get rest, others – playing experience. I did not understand the arguments of Metalist 1925 U19, that their players got sick. I can give an example when Shakhtar faced Real Madrid, while eight or nine footballers of the main team were sick with the coronavirus and the reserve squad appeared at the match. We were in a conditionally similar situation before the meeting with Barcelona U19 after the well-known situation with Rosputko, we also could not bring Udod, because UEFA refused us, and Bashmarin was sick, but we did not ask Barcelona U19 to postpone the game. We found a way out of the situation and put a U17 player, who had not trained with the team before, in the line-up. We lost, but we did not hide, we found a way out of the situation. Before the match against us, Metalist 1925 U19 had a friendly game at a temperature of minus 8 degrees. Whose fault is it that they got sick? Even if so, there is U17 team. If you quibble over my words, you should dive deep. When I said that I will postpone the match and make concessions to the opponent, if the team need to recover, this applies to those who play in the European Cups, whether it is Rukh U19, or Dynamo U19. I will make concessions if theoretical Rukh U19 play in the UEFA Youth League and have a match against us in two days on the third, then we will play on the fourth day. But when Metalist 1925 U19 play in a weekly cycle and people get sick there, it is probably necessary to have not 17, but at least 22 footballers, but these are the problems of Metalist 1925 U19.