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The opponents are tough

Sunday, March 19, 2023



Commentary of head coach of Shakhtar women's team Roman Zaiev after the victorious opening game of the year against Ladomyr

– How would you comment on crashing 6-1 victory over Ladomyr?
– We approached the match with all responsibility, because the opponents are tough. Ladomyr know how to play football and dictate the play. I am satisfied that the team followed all instructions and kept the necessary intensity for victory.

– After the first scored goal, Shakhtar played more confidently.
– The first goal in women's football is always a significant psychological factor, which is why we asked the girls to score as early as possible and not concede a goal first. It was not easy, but everything turned out as it should.

– Are four goals in the second half an indicator of physical readiness for the second round?
– We understood that after the first half the opponents would want to score and make the game more tense, so we asked the girls to move the ball to the opponent’s half of the field so that it would be a surprise for the opponents. And the failures of Ladomyr on the wings caused new moments.

– Viktoriia Holovach scored four goals. How would you rate the captain's performance?
– I am happy for Victoriia and anyone who puts efforts into our victory and scores, we are constantly trying to support the success of our players.

– How did the debut of Klimova, Semeniuk and Maslovska go?
– I am glad that Semeniuk returned after a serious injury, young Maslovska got a chance to prove herself. The goalkeeper is also testing herself in the new team, maybe not everything was perfect, but it is also understandable – this is a debut. I congratulate the girls and wish them inspiration for the future.

– What is the effect of such victory on the team before the important match against Kryvbas?
– Before any match, a big victory provides a good background for preparation.