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Shakhtar women’s team defeated Ateks

Saturday, February 10, 2024



On February 10, Shakhtar women’s team played against Ateks Kyiv

The friendly game had two halves of 35 minutes each. Head coach Roman Zaiev made one substitution compared to the previous match: Starukhina replaced Henyk on the field.

Molodiuk’s hat-trick

The Miners immediately seized the initiative on the field, and they converted the opportunity already in the 3rd minute: Molodiuk was the first to pursue rebounds in the penalty area and shot past the goalkeeper – 1-0. They also managed to convert the following scoring opportunities: first, Molodiuk turned Mokhnach’s cross right home with a one-touch shot, and in two minutes, Yelyzaveta completed the attack with a well-placed shot from outside the penalty area. Shakhtar played at a high pace, constantly pressing in the opponent’s part of the field and not giving Ateks the chance to counterattack. Set-play attacks and fast wing runs resulted in a goal in the 31st minute: Mostova took the ball through the wing and made a cross to Mokhnach, who headed the ball into the bottom corner.

Converted chances

After the break, Shakhtar’s coaching staff applied squad rotation and fielded Chendei, Yanieva, Zavidova and Ustinova. The second half of the game started with a goal by Chendei, who skilfully beat the opponent and sent the ball into the goal without any problems. In the next episode, as a result of a struggle in the penalty area, the Miners earned a spot-kick, which Yanieva failed to convert. Despite the significant advantage, Shakhtar continued to act as leaders, and in the 46th minute Zaborovets broke free and made a mid-range shot under the crossbar. Ateks tried to move the ball as far as possible from their goal, but they failed to create a real threat. In the 53rd minute, the Orange-and-Blacks converted another opportunity: Mokhnach dribbled the ball through the wing and made a cross to the penalty area, the ball fell off Chendei’s foot to Yanieva, who pursued rebounds. After two minutes, Chendei led Yanieva to meet the goalkeeper with a splitting pass, the latter then assisted Zavidova, after beating the goalkeeper. Shakhtar used fast wing runs and found free space in the opponent’s defence. Thanks to the wing attacks the Miners scored three more times: first, Yanieva found free space for a shot after Mokhnach’s pass, then Starukhina took advantage of a mistake of the defender, who handled the ball poorly, and toward the end of the meeting, Mostova assisted Mokhnach.

Yelyzaveta Molodiuk, forward:

– The game went well, we managed to implement the instructions of the head coach. My goals were the result of the joint efforts of the entire team, which created opportunities for me.

11-0 – a confident victory of the women’s team in the second match in a row. Roman Zaiev’s team will play their next game on February 17 against Mariupol.

Shakhtar Donetsk 11-0 (4-0) Ateks Kyiv

1-0 Molodiuk (3′), 2-0 Molodiuk (7′), 3-0 Molodiuk (9′), 4-0 Mokhnach (30′), 5-0 Chendei (36′), 6-0 Zaborovets (46′), 7-0 Yanieva (53′), 8-0 Zavidova (55′), 9-0 Yanieva (57′), 10-0 Starukhina (65′), 11-0 Mokhnach (70′)

Shakhtar: Klimova (Ustinova, 36′), Mokhnach, Krevska (Henyk, 50′), Lutsan, Mostova, Maslovska, Zaborovets, Starukhina, Kravchuk (Yanieva, 36′), Molodiuk (Chendei, 36′), Vykaliuk (Zavidova, 36′)