Shakhtar Club - nearly in the club!

The family of Shakhtar fans is scattered all over the world. We want all of you to be with the team even when you are not in the stadium and to get the most out of your match experience.

The Shakhtar Club subscription provides some unique opportunities to fans both online and offline. Be part of the Shakhtar family - we are always one team!


Subscription advantages:

  1. Become part of the team

    Be the first to receive insider info about the club life, interviews, and get access to the archive of games
  2. Chat with the team online

    Online webinars and meetings with the players and coaching staff
  3. Be the first to pick the best seats in the stadium

    Enjoy tickets priority booking for the most spectacular games
  4. Exclusive discounts, deals, and promos

    Offered by the club and official partners
  5. Unique merchandise for fans

    Available exclusively to Shakhtar Club
  6. Auction trips with football players, greetings from the team, and historic gear

    Participate and win



Subscription fees:

  • Free for 30 days
  • 25
    in a month
  • 250
    per year