Fernando, Moraes and Maycon scored vs Arsenal

Thursday, October 11, 2018



Shakhtar played a test match vs the UPL side Arsenal-Kyiv in Sviatoshyno

Bolbat’s efforts
The match comprised two halves of 40 minutes. Paulo Fonseca involved the reserve team players in the game (Kyrylo Melichenko and Yevhen Chahovets appeared in the starting line-up as centre-backs), with Ismaily leading the team onto the pitch with captain’s armband on. The Miners opened the scoring as early as in the 10th minute: Serhii Bolbat launched an attack, Fernando played one-two with Moraes, burst into the penalty area and beat the goalkeeper – 1-0. Four minutes later, Bolbat earned a penalty, which was confidently converted by Junior Moraes – 2-0. Throughout the first half, the Orange-and-Blacks attacked and could score on a few occasions as Moraes and Kayode had some great chances.
Steady pace
In the second half, Oleh Kudryk, Andrii Totovytskyi, and later Maksym Chekh, took to the pitch. At the same time, the Gunners’ coach Viacheslav Hroznyi changed the entire line-up at half-time. However, this did not affect the play: the Miners still controlled the course of the match, albeit at a more relaxed pace, and scored the third goal - in the 45th minute, Maycon excellently converted a free-kick. 3-0 - Paulo Fonseca’s men defeated Arsenal-Kyiv in a test game.
Shakhtar: Shevchenko (Kudryk, 41), Ismaily (c) (Chekh, 57), Melichenko, Chahovets, Danchenko, Maycon, Bolbat, Nem, Fernando, Moraes (Totovytskyi, 41), Kayode
The coaching staff gave the players three days off, after which everyone will gather together again to prepare for two home games - vs Desna (at 19:00 on October 19) and vs Manchester City (at 22:00 on October 23). Tickets are already on sale.