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Friday, April 5, 2019



The Shakhtar midfielder Serhii Bolbat gave an interview before the game vs Dynamo

- Shakhtar are accustomed to having two games a week, but how do you feel physically after the tough duel in Oleksandriia?
- It's all right, there are no problems. It’s the usual pace for us. During the international break, we also had a game. I think everyone’s in good shape. We will recover and approach the game against Dynamo in the optimum form.
- In recent league meetings with the Kyivans, Shakhtar have had a tangible advantage, but it was hard to win. What conclusions have you drawn?
- It’s difficult to predict how the game will develop. It’s always difficult against Dynamo - that’s a derby. We study the opponents and pay attention to our mistakes. We will try to be in the best form and win it.
- You are meeting with Dynamo in the quarter-finals. Do you feel the pressure or the jitters before the big match?
- For Shakhtar, any game is important, no matter what stage and in what competition. We are only interested in winning it. It so happened that the lot brought us together in the quarterfinals. We will fight, with the single objective of making it further.
- In the national team, you met with Dynamo players. Did you discuss the upcoming game a few weeks in advance?
- No, everyone had the national team mood - a single team in training and games. Nobody raised the Cup topic.
- What are the strengths of Dynamo?
- They play compactly, they may well put pressure, but we will study their play and pick the right tactic.
- When you failed to win the championship, did the coaching staff think about changing the usual tactic?
- Those are our internal issues. You will see everything in the game.
- Did you watch the Zorya vs Dynamo highlights?
- Nope, we haven’t yet analysed it in detail. We managed to see a little bit right after our match. A very difficult game, as well as everything among the top six sides. We also spent a lot of energy against Oleksandriia, but that’s OK, we continue to prepare.
- Do you expect the fans’ support in Kharkiv?
- Yes, absolutely! We would like to see the capacity crowd at such games, to feel that we are playing at home. This should be an advantage for us.