We are in the mood for another title

Thursday, May 16, 2019



Shakhtar manager Paulo Fonseca reflects on winning the Ukrainian Cup and the motivation for Sunday’s game vs Zorya

- Congratulations on your victory! Did you find the encounter too easy?
- Thanks. First of all, I want to congratulate those who received awards even before the game: Marlos, Vernydub, and others. It was the final, and you need to take into account the fact that Inhulets previously knocked out three participants out of the Premier League. We perfectly understood that if we didn’t approach responsibly and with respect the opponents, we might well complicate everything. As a result, we delivered a very serious and good performance. We knew that we would score the opener and that it would get easier then. This is exactly what happened. I can only give some positive reaction about Inhulets: they are great guys because they reached the final. We won with a convincing score and could score even more goals. The game got easier thanks to the performance of my players.
- It’s noticeable that your jacket is wet. Did you celebrate it in the dressing room?
- Yes, we did.
- How can you now get your men tunes for the nearest Premier League match, which can decide the league title winners?
- It can decide it, and maybe not yet. I think the team will be motivated. Still, this is our major goal - to become the champions. The guys had a great season and they understand that this is a really the crucial moment. I don’t need to motivate them in any special way: everyone is determined to secure another title as soon as possible.