We’ll show our best qualities

Friday, November 8, 2019



Shakhtar midfielder Marcos Antonio speaks about learning the language, the Champions League atmosphere and the upcoming match vs Dynamo

- You said ‘Good morning’ in Russian to everyone today, how are you learning the language?”
- Well, of course it’s a bit difficult. I have not been here for a long while yet and I know little yet. But I really want to learn the language!

- Marcos, you currently have a break between Dinamo Zagreb and Dynamo Kyiv ... How do you feel physically and mentally?
- Absolutely all the guys are ready to play. I am sure that we will show our best qualities in the upcoming match.

- Is the Champions League atmosphere different from that in the Championship?
- Of course! This is already well known to everyone. The atmosphere was very good at the match. And, thank God, we claimed a draw in such a difficult game.

- Have you felt the passions and importance of the encounters with Dynamo?
- Yes, they are always really important. That is why we take the pitch to win.

- You are currently having many games vs Dinamo Zagreb and Dynamo Kyiv. Don't you confuse them yet?
- Those are absolutely different Dinamos, but we know very well how to deal with each of them. We are trying to do that.

- Who is stronger - Zagreb or Kyiv?
- Probably, I won’t comment on that. It’s better for you, reporters, to decide for yourselves.
- What players can you single out in Kyiv?
- This is another thing for me to redirect to you. We can’t discuss many things - we have good players, they also have some.

- How painful was it to be knocked out of the Ukrainian Cup?
- Of course, that’s bad. But in football, this happens. Now the main thing is not to lose heart, to continue working and winning.