I want to show the best football

Tuesday, October 4, 2022



Shakhtar midfielder Mykhailo Mudryk answered journalists' questions at a press conference on the eve of the UEFA Champions League third round match with Real Madrid

– Last year, the Santiago Bernabeu applauded you. What emotions do you return with and what goals do you set for a duel with Real Madrid?
– My goals and ambitions, as well as for every match, are about reaching a result. Champions League night is always special, so I want to demonstrate the best football and achieve results.

– Is it easy for you to abstract from the attention of the press around your person during the Champions League games? Have you watched Real Madrid's matches and what conclusions have you drew about Galacticos?
– All information should be monitored. After all, if you dive into it completely, it will be a disaster. We watched one or two matches of Real Madrid with Osasuna and Atletico, as well as various fragments of games. We already know the strengths and weaknesses of this team.

– How will you assess your progress and what do you want to achieve in the future?
- I think I've only revealed my potential by 20% so far, I still have to improve a lot of game and non-game moments. This is just the beginning, I have a lot of work ahead. We need to work even harder!

– How do you assess the recognition of Shakhtar in the press given the results of previous matches with Leipzig and Celtic? Are the emotions of the press around Shakhtar appropriate now?
– I think that the result in both matches was not an accident, but was a regularity and a consequence of our work and team spirit. If there were moments when we were lucky, it means the luck is with the strongest. If a team wants to achieve results, then it must be charged only for the result and for victory.

– Will Luka Modric's persona be important in the upcoming match? How are you going to confront a Croat?
– Luka Modric is the heart of Real Madrid. He is a strong football player, and a lot depends on him in the opponent's game. I consider Modric and other Real Madrid players to be strong both individually and as a team. We should prepare, and whether everything will work out for us is another question.